For Developers: OData Client for Windows Phone 7




Microsoft has made available today a set of libraries to make creating custom OData feeds easier on the Windows Azure Platform. The new OData Client for Windows Phone 7 makes it easier to consume feeds from a Windows Phone 7 application. A production-ready version of the WCF Data Services client for Windows Phone 7 is available for download from  This allows you to create an app that connects your Windows Phone 7 to all the existing OData services and the new ones  announced at  PDC’10.

New OData feeds that are made available today are

eBay-The eBay OData feed allows you to query the items available in the eBay catalog. You can query for items using a free text search, filtering on attributes such as price, number of bidders and location. You can also query for User details, including listing the items being sold by a User .

Twitpic-With the Twitpic OData feed, you can query for Images by User, Place, Tags and Events. You can also query on Comments made about Images.

Facebook- The Facebook Insights OData Service allows Facebook application developers to connect to live usage data for their applications from clients like Excel.

Netflix- You could search the Netflix catalogue and find titles by genre, rating, availability,manage and query a User queue using the Netflix User feed.

So expect array of WP7 apps at marketplace using OData feeds soon. For more details visit this msdn blog.

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