For Developers: Keep an eye on your apps rank with App Rank

Here is an app aimed at the 30-40,000 odd Windows Phone 7 developers out there who want to keep an eye on the performance of their app in Marketplace.

Even after the upgrade, App Hub only provides limited information such as number of downloads (6 days behind) and the crash count and does not provide the app ranking. Luckily, there are plenty of apps in Marketplace that do provide ranking as well as user rating and reviews of the app. Unfortunately, none of these apps provide the real-time data. What makes these type of apps even less useful is the fact that they provide the ranking in US marketplace only.

Slobodan Stipic has released an app that goes one further by providing  real-time marketplace rankings on all 18 marketplaces. Not only does it provide overall ranking, but it also provides the ranking within the app category such as entertainment, social, education, etc.

The complete list of app stats is as follows:

  • overall ranking
  • category ranking
  • category name
  • user rating
  • number of user reviews
  • user rating since last update
  • number of reviews since last update
  • release date
  • version
  • price

The app is free and can be found in Marketplace here.