For Developers: HTC HD2 recruited for Windows Phone 7 app development



Author Surur // in News

If you are not lucky enough to be one of the developers to get an actual Windows Phone 7 developer device you will be stuck testing your application in the emulator, which is missing features such as the accelerometer all Windows Phone 7 devices will have.

Solutions so far have included using a Wii controller via Bluetooth, but its likely a Windows Phone 7 developer will have a recent Windows Mobile phone lying around, which already has an accelerometer built in.

Prabhu Kumar has developed a client and server system where his software will read accelerometer data from an HTC HD2 and transfer it to the emulator, where it can be used to simulate the sensor in the emulator, allowing games and such to be tested much more easily.

For the full source-code and guide to implementation read more at here.

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