For Developers: Free Silverlight for Windows Phone ebook now available


With the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace booming, here is something to help the new developer get up to stream.

Boryana Miloshevska, software developer with more than 6 years of professional experience with .NET technologies, has released a free e-book called Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth.

The book covers:

  • 246 Pages
  • Published Date: 11 Oct 2011
  • Includes all controls from the Windows Phone Toolkit Aug 2011!
  • 22 Chapters!
  • Full Source Code
  • Based on Windows Phone 7.1 (aka 7.5) Mango!

She is a co-founder of – one of the biggest windows phone development communities. She is also working as a consultant in the areas of Silverlight and Windows Phone application development.

The book can be here: Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth.