For Developers: Free publicity for your app

page2link Now that Marketplace has launched (with more than 34 apps in some places, up now to 39 in the UK) developers have a great opportunity to have easier distribution to the end user.  This does not however negate the need to actually inform the community about your application, and marketing remains one of the most important factors in the success of an application, especially in a very competitive environment.

At WMPoweruser we love developers, so we would like to take this opportunity to remind them of our Page 2 service, were developers at absolutely no cost can tell the Windows Mobile community about their application and inform them of its features. If the application is interesting enough articles can be front-paged, which will expose them to many tens of thousands of potential customers.

It also provides a good opportunity for developers to interact with potential users who have not heard about your app already.

In short, if you are serious about the success of your application, you should take a few minutes to let the world know about it, for free, on Page 2.