Foobar raising funds for mobile apps, including Windows Phone


Classic music player Foobar2000 is looking to make the jump from the desktop to mobile, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

They have collected a select team of developers to help them accomplish it, and are now raising money to fund the development.

foobar2000 mobile will be built from the ground up specifically for mobile devices, and the initial design brief is to stay true to foobar2000’s current ethos, pure playback, with advanced features pioneered by foobar many years ago such as bit perfect playback, replaygain and gapless playback.

Their target is an initial £59,000 to develop the iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phone apps and have already raised £17,000.

They however have bigger ambitions, hoping to create a music social network and cloud synchronization system.

Cloud foobar2000 would offer all management of your music from a single central web location. Your music is securely backed up online, and is collected from multiple sources (computers, NASes, Dropbox, Google Drive, compatible web stores). Whilst online the collection can be managed, album art added and tags corrected. Specific tracks can be synchronized, or the whole collection, in your chosen format. For example a tablet in the home might receive Apple Lossless tracks, whilst your iPhone has efficient AAC encoded tracks. Synchronization happens automatically.

A social foobar2000 is about interacting with your friends, finding out tracks they most listen to, be alerted to new albums & inform friends about new albums you have discovered. Let friends browse your collection, and preview tracks you choose for a limited time.

There will be two versions of foobar2000 mobile, a free and fully featured premium version. The elements Cloud and Social may, or may not have subscription fees attached.image

Early backers will get exclusive access to the development team team and also exclusive RHA MA750 earphones.

The first Windows Phone apps are expected to hit beta in 7 months after fund-raising ends, with Windows 8 apps also planned.

Read more about the plans and back their development at here.

Thanks Ewert for the tip.

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