Followmyfeed makes creating WP7 apps for websites super-easy




Followmyfeed has made creating a Windows Phone 7 presence for your website incredibly easy and cheap.  The free service merely requires requires some information about your feed, twitter and facebook accounts, and allows one to customize the appearance of the app with custom  icons, backgrounds and even modify the photoshop template.

The application produced is free and features:

  • 1 RSS feed
  • Logo, Tile, Background custom
  • Offline content
  • Comments (online)
  • Share to social networks (online)

The service in fact even includes the ability to test your app on an actual device using their shell application before sending it for certification.

Of course to get the actual app in Marketplace requires a publisher account from Microsoft which is around $99 per year, but that is still incredibly cheap for an actual smartphone app, which tends to run between $5000 and $20000 to code. 

Followmyfeed is planning to release a premium service in the future, but has not revealed as yet with this version will feature.

Read more about the service at their website here.

Via GoMicrosoft

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