Following Windows 8, Now Microsoft Office Is Banned By Chinese Government Agencies

Last month, we reported that Chinese government made a strange move by announcing the ban of Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS in government computers. As per reports, the ban was due to the notice on the use of energy-saving products. The official Xinhua news agency claimed that it was due to security concerns. Following the bad, Microsoft continued providing Windows 7 to these agencies and even defended the security features in Windows 8.

Today, a Chinese media reported that Microsoft Office productivity suite is banned in parts of the Chinese central government and its subordinated departments. As usual, the reason was mentioned as the act of ensuring information security. The government has not commented about this ban yet. CRI believes that this  implementation of this act has an obvious advantage over domestic software companies, such as Kingsoft and Chinese software. Microsoft is yet to comment on this story.

Source: CRI