Following Nokia, Now Samsung Simplifies Its Product Naming Strategy


14, 2011

Author Pradeep // in News


Few weeks before, Nokia announced its new simplifies naming strategy. Any Nokia device can be identified by three digit number which also tells us what class it belongs to. Recently Samsung has also detailed their simplified product classification. They are divided into 5 major categories, ‘S’, ‘R’, ‘W’, ‘M’, ‘Y’. ‘S’ class devices will be the best or flagship device of a category as Samsung had Galaxy S and the recently updated Galaxy S II.

After ‘S’ class, The ‘R’ class device prices will be in the range of between €300 and €400. They are dubbed Royal/Refined. The ‘W’ class device price falls between €200 and €300. Then ‘M’ class devices between €130 and €200 and the ‘Y’ class devices are the entry level smartphones starting at the €130. Again there will be some iterative models such as ‘Pro’ which has qwerty keyboard or ‘LTE’ which has LTE support, etc.

I’m expecting a S class and couple of R class devices based on Windows Phone Mango from Samsung. May be W class devices too, to counter Nokia in producing mass market Windows Phones ! !

Check source link for more details.

Update: A Lithuanian WMPU reader Edd has pointed out that the source article says,

“Telefonai su „Windows Phone“ OS, kuri? linija vadinasi „Omnia“, tur?s „W“, „M“ ir „Y“ klases.”

It means there will be Windows Phones under W, M, Y classes of Samsung’s new product classification. Lets see how that plays out.

Thanks to Edd for the tip.

Source: (Bing Translated) via: GSM Arena

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