Following Microsoft’s Xbox In China Plans, Sony Also Announces PS4 For China

Microsoft Xbox One White

Microsoft last month announced that they are launching Xbox One in China in September. Thanks to the partnership with BesTV, Xbox One will also be the first system of its kind to launch in China. Launching Xbox One in China is a significant milestone both Microsoft and for the industry. Today, Sony made a similar announcement that they are launching PS4 in China. Sony’s will also be working with a local company called Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development.

Sony and OPCD’s joint venture will form two companies: one to manage the manufacturing and sales of the hardware, and the other to manage the services plus the sales, licensing, distribution and R&D of the software. Sony China will own 70 percent of the newly formed Sony Computer Entertainment (Shanghai) (which presumably handles the non-hardware part), but just 49 percent of the other new company dubbed Shanghai Oriental Pearl Sony Computer Entertainment Culture Development.

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Source: Engadget