Following Microsoft’s lead, Google makes it easy to run Linux apps on ChromeOS


13, 2018

Author Surur // in Google, News

Via the Windows Subsystem for Linux Microsoft has been making it easy for developers to use their Linux tools to stay productive on Windows.

Now, at their Google IO conference, Google has announced an initiative to do the same on their ChromeOS, allowing developers, for example, to develop Android apps directly on ChromeOS and then run them on the same device, due to its support for Android apps.

Google is managing the feat via a custom virtual machine running  Debian Stretch, and unlike Microsoft’s WSL, full graphical apps will be supported, via the Wayland display server; meaning Linux apps would simply look the same as Android apps or ChromeOS apps on the devices.

Ironically the effort also means Windows apps would work better on ChromeOS, via the WINE “emulator” for Windows.

To enable the feature users will simply need to flip a toggle in settings in the latest version of ChromeOS.

Via TechCrunch.

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