Following the iPhone, Microsoft Planner comes to Android phones

Not too long ago, Microsoft announced its plans to bring Office 365’s Planner service to phones. Redmond brought the Microsoft Planner app to the iPhone earlier this month, and now it’s bringing the service to Android phones.

Similar to the iPhone app, the Android app offers a full-featured experience which lets you keep track of all of your tasks in a clean user interface. The app has a column-based design that lets you scroll through all the different boards, you can interact with any of the tasks in the boards, change their due dates, upload attachments, and change the status of the task, etc. The app also lets you drag-and-drop tasks from one board to another which is going to be very handy.

Microsoft’s Planner app on Android isn’t very different from the iPhone app. The company is still planning on bringing Microsoft Planner to Windows 10 devices, but it isn’t clear when exactly that’ll arrive, if it ever even happens, that is.

If you have an Office 365 commercial subscription and use Microsoft Planner, you can get the Android app from the Google Play Store right now.

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