According to a recent report published by Gartner, roughly 30 million units of foldable smartphones will be sold by 2023 and if you do that math that figure will contribute to a gain of 5 percent of high-end smartphone share.

This isn’t a bad number if you consider the high price. Huawei CEO recently said that the folding smartphones are an emerging category and that it’d take only a few years to bring the price down, and down by half of the existing price. However, Gartner analyst Robert Cozza said that the folding smartphones have a long way to go before it can replace your regular smartphone. Also, there’ll be several manufacturing challenges and due to which it’ll likely to be a niche product for the next five years.

Cozza said, “Through the next five years, we expect foldable phones to remain a niche product due to several manufacturing challenges. In addition to the surface of the screen, the price is a barrier despite we expect to decline with time. Currently priced at $2,000, foldable phones present too many trade-offs, even for many early technology adopters.”

The Gartner report also shed some light on the shipments of traditional smartphones and PCs. According to the report, this year will see a decline in mobile phones sales. However, the sales are expected to return to growth in the next year. PCs, on the other hand, will witness yet another decline this year.

Via: ZDNet