Fly Johnny Fly – a beautifully simple Windows Phone game


“Once upon a time, there was a penguin tired of spending thousands of boring days at the zoo. One day Johnny decided to escape the zoo to meet Mummy Penguin at the Antarctica.”

This is how Fly Johnny Fly starts. Johnny is a cute penguin piloting a jetpack that will need to eat as many cookies as possible and avoid toxic clouds. You’ll have to beware of the zoo-car and the big bear as well, they will try to catch you. The live background subtly darkens as the game progresses, and the game features atmospheric music and speech.

Fly Johnny Fly is not a complex game, but its simplicity makes it a beautiful and addictive timekiller. The control is very simple too, you just tap make it to fly or release your finger to let it fall.

It has pretty good reviews and it’s free!

Fly Johnny Fly

Read  more at Johnny’s  website, where you will find some free goodies.  You can also add Johnny on facebook too.

Have fun!