Flipkart Talks About Building Universal Windows App

Flipkart Universal Windows App

Last week, India’s largest e-commerce company Flipkart released their Universal Windows App that works across PCs and mobile devices. This new update was well received among customers. Today, the development team behind this app has shared its experience on bringing this new app to life.

The usual product road-map is to first analyze the market, search for gaps to fulfil, write a PRD, comment/brainstorm and get it crystallized, then design and develop. This was not the case with project EVA, it started off as an experiment and on the way became priority project.

We were a team of 2 designers working on this app. The challenge was to create the responsive app keeping all the business logic on the back-end data same. When the process started, WUP was a new concept and there were hardly any apps to understand the functionality. In addition to thatĀ Flipkart is a very complex app with a huge user base. The stakes were too high to make mistakes. Users were not aware about such apps and so usability test was not very helpful. They were able to use the app but had never seen something like this before so there were no benchmark to compare it with.

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Download the app from Windows Store using the below links.

Developer: FLIPKART
Price: Free
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