Flight Sim fan replaces Microsoft Remond office with a big Series X



Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console is close to launch and to celebrate the occasion, a Flight Sim fan has put the next-gen machine in the middle of Redmond. 

Posted on Reddit by user Oh_Gaz, the Flight Sim fan posted a short video of themselves flying a dinky Icon A5 around a massive 200-metre Xbox Series X where the Microsoft Redmond office is.

Check out the video below:

I modelled a 200m Xbox SeriesX for Microsoft’s HQ @ Redmond, Washington from MicrosoftFlightSim

The modification recreates the next-gen console as a massive obelisk that towers over the nearby trees and buildings. Oh_Gaz’s recreation is a fantastic model; while it doesn’t feature the recently revealed tactile indicators, it does include every port on the rear of the machine.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X launches on November 10th alongside its budget-focused sibling: Xbox Series S.

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