Flashing a HTC G2 – diving into the deep end with Android

I have been with Windows Mobile for over 2yrs now and I believe I am one of the smarter users when it comes to flashing, but when you are talking android, it is nothing alike. I flash my WM phone ever two days, sometimes maybe even twice a day, but all this skills do not matter at all when you’re talking Android. I was flashing my HTC G2 to the Hero ROM and it took me about 3 hours to figure out what I was supposed to do. There were no easy to find guide to tell you what to do, and the worst part was getting it from 1.6 back to 1.5 or 1.0 .

When this very long and very hard process finished,  I had android 1.6 and Hero build on the G2. I  want to add the G2 is the worst capacitive screen phone I have ever used,  unresponsive and slow; my Touch Pro2 is better.

I must say, if you ever are thinking about getting an android device and you already own a WM phone and like how easy it is, Android is not for you, because it took me at least 4 steps to get the phone ready to flash and get the Hero ROM on the G2(sapphire). After this experience, if you own an android phone,  I would suggest you email me so I can help you with directions, because I do not think people should have that hard a time flashing a phone.

This also shows how easy we have hand on Windows Mobile and how everything is handed to us on a platter. Enjoy your phone, because not everyone has it as easy as us.

WM–My initials, not Windows Mobile–

Finished Work

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