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Flashing your phone with a new ROM is something a lot of use power users do to get a faster, smoother and bloat free phone. The choice of flashing it is easily done by weighing the options:- risk your phone to have an all around better device or stick with your boring old phone that doesn’t ever change, and most likely has a lot of bloat ware from your carrier.

Below are the steps one need to go through to get yourself and your phone ready to flash and see both safely through the process.

Choosing the perfect ROM

This step is easy for the non HTC WM phone owners, but if your phone is an HTC phone then this could be a little challenging.Many competing ROM’s exist, and to chose between them one usually need to read a number of threads and decide by the comments which ones appear to work best. The key to remember is that you do not need to commit to only one – its easy to try many and then device which is the most suitable for you.

Reading The Directions

Most sections gives you a step by step direction on how to flash your phone. Usually following these instructions to the word will see you flashing your device reliably and safely.

Downloading the files

Most ROM’s this days are either in Zip or RAR format. To un-RAR a file all you need is winzip or any application you can use to view rar file. For zip files the built-in Windows function is fine. When you unpack it drag and drop the file to your desktop (if your using an HTC device that only has the Wrapper and the Img) or if the direction says different,follow those.


Well this is important if you want all your files back. You might need your doc’s then copy them to your memory card or computer. You might need your Massages us PIM backup for all your contact and text massages. If you just want to back up your contact, your calender, your main files and notes then just go with active sync.

Connecting the phone & Syncing it

This part is easy. Open Activesync, connect your device, have your screen on and proceed to sync it.

Get in Your Mind Right

At this point it is important is stop worrying, tell yourself “its going to be fine, once im done I will love my phone even more” and get on with it. A calm demeanor will see you less likely to brick your phone through panicky mistakes.

Flash that Badboy

Take a deep breath, have some Speed metal going in the back and Hit the Start Bottom and in 2-10min your phone will come out better than ever.


This one is the Easy part, Restore all your files.

I hope this can help the Flash phobic people

Remember flashing your ROM usually invalidates your warranty and can result in a completely unrecoverable device. Please only flash at your own risk.

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