Flash with Multi-touch coming to Windows Mobile, needs ARM11 or Cortex A

At an analyst event yesterday Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch told attendees the new version of flash for mobile devices, set to reach smartphones early next year, will have greater access to hardware features, making web content competitive with native apps.

Flash 10 will support multi-touch, accelerometer and GPS features, but will need either an ARM11 or Cortex A processor to run optimally.

While Lynch used only Android phones for his demo, Adobe has earlier stated that Windows Mobile phones, Nokia’s Symbian, and Palm’s Pre will also be supported by Flash 10.

Adobe continues to offer Flash Lite, a mobile version of the Flash Player that support .FLV video and .SWF vector graphics formats, and plug-in versions have been licensed by companies including Microsoft, for the Internet Explorer Mobile 6 browser included in Windows Mobile 6.5, and by Opera Software, for Opera Mobile 9.5.

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