Flash Based Games On HD2


The games that comes with the HD2 get boring really fast, well have you though about a flash based game? I bet you didn’t, well XDA member suyama8 sure did, and he made it into a cap, and you can now download it. He got a method of downloading, and installing these games on your device(mostly the HD2.)

Searching I found a way to run flash games on our mobile (k: on HD2)

Download and install in the memory of the device this:

We download the game’s pack that we want.

We put the swf game in the memory card and with Resco Explorer associate the swf to the program that was previously installed: Archivos de programa/adobe/Flashlite/appzone.exe

Done, now we can play, choose your favorite program to rotate the screen and enjoy it!

That is a simple way to get new games. Thankfully, he made some files containing games in different categories, and some of his favorites for your convince.

Download the files, games, and enjoy.