Flappy Bird dies before it can land on Windows Phone


According to Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen he will be withdrawing the app from Android and iOS ap stores apparently due to personal reasons.

He posted the above message, saying “I can not take this anymore” but denied that legal issues are behind his decision.

It is however strongly expected that he received a Cease and Desist letter, and the strangely exact timing suggests a deadline related to this.

Dong has said he expects Flappy Bird to arrive on Windows Phone next week, but this has already been delayed, and now of course it will in fact never get to our OS.

On the other hand Flappy Bird is a ridiculously easy game to code, with more than a few clones already in the Windows Phone Store, so I think the loss is not that big a deal.

See a video on how the beat the game, which I think apply equally to its clones, after the break.

How to Beat FLAPPY BIRD!

Via The Verge.com