Fitbit now rolling out Windows Phone app to beta testers with Call & SMS Notifications support

We reported a few weeks ago that Fitbit was collecting users for a closed beta to test the Call and SMS notification feature in Windows 10 Mobile after recent Creators Update improvements added support for the Bluetooth GATT server profile.

Now on their support forums Fitbit has announced that the beta is now live. Those who provided a valid email address are now receiving an update to the Fitbit app that includes support for notifications.

Beta testers need to be on the very latest Windows Insider Fast build and will receive version 2.19.983.0 of the Fitbit app. Users on this version will see a new permission request screen (above) when they sync their tracker that they will need to accept to enable notifications.

The beta app includes a link to the Feedback Hub and includes a few known issues. These mainly include stability issues at this time which may improve on the final stable version of the OS.

Read more about the update at Fitbit here.

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