Fitbit beta testing MobileRun feature for Windows Phone

fitbit mobilerun
It is one thing having an app in the Windows Phone Store, but another to maintain it. Fortunately when it comes to Fitbit it seems that is exactly what they are doing.

The company is soliciting beta testers for the MobileRun feature of the Fitbit app for Windows Phone, a feature which is currently absent from the software.

On iOS MobileRun uses GPS to accurately track, log and compare runs, walks and hikes efficiently and easily.

Through GPS, MobileRun allows you to track and elevate training/workouts with real-time updates and key stats from individual runs, walks and hikes, including exact route, pace per mile (splits), distance and time.

The feature delivers:

  • Route history, spoken distance and mile markers while on a run, allowing you to monitor improvement or push further in the moment
  • Stats tracked integrate seamlessly with the main Fitbit dashboard, giving you credit for steps taken, calories burned and active minutes during routes
  • A new Exercise Frequency calendar keeps you on track toward workout goals – it automatically displays the days you have worked out by pulling in the frequency of MobileRun routes and logged exercises
  • You can conveniently play and switch songs from your iTunes playlists without leaving the Fitbit app, keeping the focus on your workout

Hopefully the Windows Phone app will be similarly feature rich.

If you are a serious runner or hiker who already uses GPS to track your exercise, you can apply to join the Fitbit beta program here.