First Xbox One update 1806 build is going out to Preview Alpha members tonight

With Xbox’s 1805 build releasing for everyone earlier this month, the Insider team has been working on the next build, 1806. In a post on Xbox Wire, Brad Rossetti detailed what Insiders can expect in the latest system update going out tonight and within the coming weeks.

Rossetti stressed that not all of these features will be available immediately, and will be added over time throughout June. One feature included in the list is the ability to group your games and apps. While this released as part of May’s Xbox One update, it has received some additional tweaks (listed below) due to feedback.

Improved Search Functionality – Searching for content on Xbox is about to get a whole lot easier. If you ever need to look something up, simply press Y while on your dashboard and you’ll open up the search menu. You could previously only do this within certain apps.

Multiple Wi-Fi Passwords – Players will soon be able to store multiple Wi-Fi passwords on their consoles, making it easier than ever to switch between networks when needed.

Additional Accessibility Options – The Narrator will support five more languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and Dutch.

Like build 1805, build 1806 also includes improved family settings.

New Feature Feedback:

Updates for Groups based on Xbox Insider feedback:

  • Guide now locked to 4 columns
  • Guide now opens multiple groups in flyout
  • The “Add more” and “Create a group” flows now also includes your “Ready to install” games
  • The “Add more” and “Create a group” flows now allow you to add up to 40 items to a Group at one time
  • If you are looking for Groups in Guide but expected to see a Pins button, click on the “My games & apps” button – we’ve combined Groups with “My games & apps” to put all your stuff in one convenient location for quick access
  • Resetting Groups: We’ve updated the reset button so now you can delete your local Groups and re-sync with the service. This will clear up a lot of issues that may have occurred due to bad states or if data is not showing up as expected. You may need to sign in / out for the pages to refresh. You can still delete from everywhere if you want a fresh start with Groups.



  • Fixed the issue in which some users did not receive pop up notifications for Game DVR captures and the guide did not update the number of new captures.


  • Fixed an issue where using Groups on multiple consoles would cause blank names on that other console. This should not repro anymore and can be fixed by choosing to reset your Groups locally
  • Fixed an issue where Groups in a bad state would be reset because of unexpected data
  • Fixed an issue regarding scrolling and poor navigation in Groups lower down in Guide
  • Fixed an issue when editing Groups on multiple consoles that would cause random ordering of your Groups

Microsoft Edge

  • Fixed an issue in which switching Microsoft Edge tabs will cause PDF files to disappear from the screen.
  • Stability and performance fixes for Microsoft Edge, specifically when multiple tabs are open.

 System Performance

  • Misc. performance fixes in the platform.

Via: Neowin