First Verizon Samsung Omnia ROM cooked



Wozzer999 on Modaco, the hotbed of Samsung Omnia development, has cooked the first Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM for the Verizon CDMA Samsung Omnia. Windows Mobile ROM’s for the Samsung Omnia GSM version have been around for a while, but so far its CDMA cousins seem to have been left out.

omnia65 No longer it seems however:

How to flash:
Run UDML_Omnia
Click PDA
Fin d the extracted file from the rar you downloaded
Hit Detect
Restart Phone
Once the phone has completely booted, wait a minute and give it another soft-reset
Here are the links to the files:
There will be 3 ROMS in this release. A Lite, which is basically a core wm6.5, M2D has… you guess it, M2D. And a new ‘stock’ with almost nothing removed (some issues still present).
To get M2D working, you must disable "windows default" and enable "TouchFLO".
Stock: Here
M2D: Here
Lite: Here

Read the full thread and further instructions on Modaco here.

Thanks Josh for the tip.

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