First useful Agent Smartwatch app for Windows Phone created

Streaming from WP to AGENT

Developer Matt Cavanagh from Roguecode has been playing around with the Agent Smartwatch SDK, which supports Windows Phone, and has posted this video of what I think is a truly useful application for the accessory.

The app not only lets users fire the camera from the watch, but also streams a black and white image of the preview video first, so users are able to make sure everyone is properly in the frame.

The app demonstrates that the Agent smartwatch is a pretty powerful platform, and that Windows Phone has what it takes to pair well with the wrist-based computer.

In the video the app is being demonstrated in the emulator.The actual Agent Smartwatch is expected to hit the market some time in December this year, after a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $1 million, and will be retailing for around $299.