First Tango builds spotted in the wild?

imageTezawaly from reports that a variety of Windows Phone 7 builds are starting to show up in the wild. 

The “Dude, where’s my update?” app is logging 7711,7712,7715,7717,7718,7720, and most interestingly 7.10.8200.

This build, which is likely from a completely different branch of Windows Phone 7 development, may be Windows Phone 7 Tango, which is expected to bring improvements such as better enterprise manageability, Skype integration and possibly even IE10.

Tango was leaked in a Digitimes article from June 28th  and is expected to be an interim release between Mango and Windows Phone 8 code named Apollo.

We look forward to seeing more leaks that lift the veil on this upcoming version of Windows Phone 7.