First T-Mobile HTC HD7/ Dell Venue Pro updates start pouring in–Update: Back to back pre-NoDo and NoDo updates being delivered

hd7nodoBrent has written to let us know that his unhacked T-Mobile HTC HD7 has just received the pre-NoDo update.

The report is confirmed by some users on XDA-Dev here.

According to Microsoft’s “Where’s my update!” page both the pre-NoDo and NoDo update was still in scheduling, and it is of course not clear when the actual NoDo update will arrive, but hopefully soon after.

Update: Kamallraj let us know his Dell Venue Pro has also recieved the pre-NoDo update.

Update 2: Many readers in comments are reporting back to back pre-NoDo and NoDo updates – let the good times roll 🙂

Thanks Brent for the tip.