First set of Windows 10 Creators Update features for the Xbox One now rolling out

Microsoft today revealed the first set of features coming to the Xbox One with the Windows 10 Creators Update. The new update is currently rolling out to some users part of the Insider Program, but everyone else will get it at a later date. Some of the highlights in the new update include updates to Cortana’s design, a new UI for the Guide, Achievement Leaderboard, and more.

Let’s get into the details.

Microsoft is revamping the home screen of the Xbox One dashboard. The new Xbox One dashboard is apparently optimized for performance, which is something a lot of Xbox One users have been asking for. Microsoft has also revamped the “main” tile of the dashboard — with the new update, the Xbox One dashboard will display a fairly small icon for the game you are currently playing, and it’ll also give you quick access to the Game Hub for that specific game, as well as quick access to new features such as Clubs, Looking for Groups, Achievements and more.

In addition to the improved design for the Xbox One dashboard, Microsoft is also redesigning the Guide on the Xbox One. With the new update, the Guide in the Xbox One slides in from the left and gives you really quick access to your recent games, apps, pinned apps/games, and the home. The new Guide will now show up with a single press of the Xbox button on your controller which makes it even easier to access. The new Guide feature also lets you easily configure the background music playback, including the ability to change the volume for the background music and the play/pause buttons.

The new Guide also works with what Microsoft calls a new multitasking system on the Xbox One. By opening up the Guide with a single press of the Xbox button on your controller, you can easily open up another app on the side of the game your currently playing. For instance, if you are playing Forza Horizon 3, you can simply open up the Guide and start a game on the side of Forza Horizon 3 right from the new Guide.

Cortana is also getting a couple of new features with the latest update. With Cortana in the latest update, Xbox One users can now set reminders and create alarms with their voice which is a pretty neat feature. In addition to these improvements, Microsoft is also improving the update system on the Xbox One, stating:

Our goal with system updates is that you never have to worry about them again, and to make it clearer when a system update is available. To enable this we are updating the interface so the steps are easy to understand. We’re also going to enable every Xbox One owner to keep their console, games, and apps up to date independent of which power mode they have chosen. 

There’s a bunch of other minor new features in the update — for example, Microsoft has added a range of new settings for spatial audio output for developers which will allow developers to build apps and games that support Dolby Atmos and more. Microsoft is also making some accessibility improvements throughout the OS in the update. There’s a new “Copilot” feature which allows two controllers to “act as if they were one.” Microsoft has also made improvements to Magnifier and Narrator in the update, and much more.You can get a closer look at some of the biggest features in the update below:

You can get a closer look at some of the biggest features in the update below:

Microsoft stated in a blog post that the company is releasing the above features to some users on the Xbox Insider Program, but more Insider will be able to try it out in the coming weeks. The company will also introduce a range of other new features, including Game Broadcasting via Beam, the new Game Mode, and much more.