First server-less home automation control system for Windows Phone 7.5 released

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With the advent of sockets access on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango home automation enthusiasts can finally dispense with the intermediate server, usually a laptop, which was needed for Windows Phone 7 devices to connect with their systems.

Neulogics Srl have just released Domina Plus, a Home Automation Client for the Italian Ave Domina home automation system

The app can control lights, dimmers, thermostats and present the user with the instant energy consumption of the home. 

The app is free and by default will connect to a demo system in Italy for users to test out the functionality of the software.

If you wish to have a Domina system or just want to try out the feature (and is of course running Mango) download the app from marketplace here.

Hopefully the direct control of robots and quadrocopters will not be far behind…

Thanks Dan for the tip.