Screen shots of BBM for Windows Phone

bbmwpfeeds bbmwpchats

Blackberry Messenger for Windows Phone is currently in private beta in the Windows Phone Store.

The app is expected to be published by the end of July, and the beta is currently fully subscribed.

So far we have not seen what the app will actually look like, but BerryReview have posted some screen shots of the app in action.

The app consists of 3 pages in a panorama, with Feeds, Contacts and Chat sections.

BBM has turned into somewhat of a social network, with a feed section as can be seen in the first screen shot, showing updates from your friends.

The second screen shot shows the chats page.

The app is still missing features such as stickers, BBM Voice, Channels, and Location Sharing via Glympse but BerryReview expects these to arrive in the coming months.bbmwp1

The app fortunately uses the Windows Phone Modern UI, which is more that can be said of BB’s icon, which looks rather out of place on Windows Phone.

What do our readers think of the app, which still has more than 100 million users and growing? Let us know below.