First real pictures, more detail on O2 XDA Zest



We have heard a bit about the romoured O2 XDA Zest before, but till now we have only seen tiny, blurry pictures.

The Register has removed the veil from this mystery, and has revealed a rather chunky, but well specced Windows Mobile smartphone.

The O2 Zest will feature all the prerequisites for a modern Windows Mobile smartphone – flush VGA screen, HSDPA, WIFI, 3 megapixel autofocus camera plus second video conferencing camera, GPS, Bluetooth and 256 Mb flash storage, 128 MB RAM and microSD expansion.

The specs are not far of from the HTC Touch Diamond, but unlike the Diamond (and very much like the NDrive S400 with similar specs), the device shows no sign of the ODM working very hard to squeeze everything into a slim form factor. At 120 x 60.5 x 16.5mm it seems it must be packing a reasonable-sized battery. The phone has a standard talk time of around five hours, but that drops to about three hours if you’re surfing over 3G. The phone’s standby life is roughly 260 hours.

One does wonder what O2 will do to make this device more attractive than the HTC Touch Diamond to punters. UI enhancement is the obvious answer, as as the device is Asus sourced one expects it will feature Asus’s Glide UI. The second obvious answer is a low price and it does seem here where the device scores. The Zest will be free on some O2 pay-monthly contracts and around £250 ($400/€300) if you opt for pay-as-you-go.

The device is expected to be available from 17 November and will come with a free two week trial of Co Pilot Sat Nav Software. For eager customers, the manual is already available for download from

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