These days it seems companies are as likely to leak their unreleased products as professional leaksters.

Today Li Xiang, Vivo NEX Product Manager, posted the first real-life pictures of the Vivo NEX 3.  The pictures were posted on Weibo and show the defining picture of the handset, its waterfall screen.

Vivo had earlier posted drawings of the device, showing it in somewhat more detail.

The device is believed to feature the aforementioned waterfall screen, 5G support and a 3.5mm headphone jack, all in a package only 8-9mm thick.

Also rumoured are an in-display fingerprint reader, under-screen front-facing camera, and a watch-inspired triple-camera cluster.

Given the ‘leak’, the device is expected to be launched in China in the very near future, with a relatively premium price tag.

Via IndiaShopss