First Nokia Lumia 925 mini-review posted


14, 2013

Author Surur // in News

Dailaphone, who clearly have early access to handsets, have posted the first mini-review of the Nokia Lumia 925.

They note the handset is more mid-range than high-end, something I think Nokia Lumia 920 owners will agree with.

The handset is noticably different in appearance to the Nokia Lumia 920, a relief in these days of “S” models, and they note the 1.5 Ghz processor had no issues with performance. The supersensitive touch screen was crisp with impressive brightness, and they also revealed the handset does in fact come with Nokia’s Glance screen, which shows the date and battery information when the phone us off.

In terms of the camera, they note photos captured  had an excellent level of depth and the touch focus is accurate and easy to use. Colour reproduction was also precise and images captured are bold without being overpowering.

Read the rest of their mini-review here; they promise a full version later.

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