First Look: Outlook Groups on Windows Phone (video)

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As a few of you know Microsoft recently launched a client for Outlook Groups for Windows Phone simply called Groups. On the surface, it looks like your basic message app, which….it is, with a little twist. It’s exclusively for groups created within and using Office 365 for business.

This app is obviously in heavy development, icons are small and obviously not proportioned correctly with the screen and launching a calendar within the app simply takes you to your web browser. While the web browser version of mail and the calendar is very touch friendly, honestly it feels native to Windows Phone, viewing a calendar and mail is something we’d expect to see supported within the app. Indeed, it’s a feature we expect to see in the near future. Also missing functionality includes the ability to create groups directly in the app.

However, stuff that currently works includes integration with OneNote and OneDrive as you’d expect, which interestingly enough, ARE supported directly within the app. While this app for most of us could hardly be considered a must-have, for the right user, I’m sure this comes as a welcome addition to the Windows Phone Store.

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