first look: Enlightened

I’am proud to show the first public preview of my upcoming game “Enlightened”. The game is currently still in developement, but there is an public beta available in selected countries. Please support the developement by voting for Enlightened for the App of the Year(participants get a chance to win a Lumia!). The final game will be available later this year and will offer never seen before gameplay an graphics.

Enlightened is one of the most advanced games for Windows Phone. It offers the perfect balance between action, mind breaking riddles and the most impressive graphics. The goal of the game is to solve the complex, physics based puzzles by using laser, gates, buttons switches and even explosives! Are you ready to take the challenge?

– unique and exciting gameplay – most impressive graphics on windows phone yet – 30 levels – interactive gadgets and upgrades – achievements and leaderboards – 3d sound (requires headphones) – unlockable bonus games – uses every quantum of hardware performance (from the first gen WP7 phone to the latest high-end phones!) – rich Metro UI – powered by Xpecular – exclusive to Windows Phone (7&8)