First Direct Bank working on a Windows Phone app




More good news for UK Windows Phone users. Another UK bank has just agreed to start working on a Windows Phone app, after long saying the user base is not large enough to justify the effort.

Posting on their Labs suggestion site, where Windows Phone users have been demanding an app for a while now, they write:

Hi @Julian, @Simon and @David G, thank you for your suggestions. We have recently added our development plans for our Banking on the go App to the latest updates section of labs. This includes an update that we are currently developing a Windows 8 Banking on the go smartphone App. We have no specific timescales on this yet but will keep you posted. Please keep an eye on the latest update section for further news.

Previously they have posted:

"Hi @steve, thanks for your request. At present, we’re not developing an app for Windows phones. This is because while its share has been increasing, Windows is still very much a minority mobile phone operating system in the UK market which is dominated by Android and Apple’s iOS. As such, the expense involved in developing this would benefit a relatively small number of customers, and reduce the level of spending on other projects. This means it is not something we would look to pursue at this time, but I have recorded your interest in case things change in the future."

… so the turn around is a clear change in attitude. In addition an insider has informed us the same message has been distributed internally in a memo.

It seems Joe Belfiore was right when he said the app gap will be a thing of the past in 2014.

Thanks to our tipster.

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