First comprehensive review of the Xperia X1 in English

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has been released in Sweden for about 2 weeks now, but is only now trickling into the rest of the market. It is now officially available and in stock on Vodafone and a number of online retailers.

Paul from Modaco has gotten his hands on one of these devices and has given it a comprehensive review. The review includes a large number of pictures, a review of the hardware, software and Panels, and an example of the video recorded by the device. His conclusions are:

So there you have it, a catalogue of my thoughts on the X1. It’s been very eagerly anticipated and now that it’s here, it largely delivers (with a few caveats). There’s a whole lot to love about the X1, but it does make me feel a little sad that a couple of (OK one?) niggle really overshadows my overall positive experience with the device.

I’ve been asked the same question many times, and that is ‘Which next-gen device’? Sitting in front of me now I have the Omnia, the Diamond, the Touch Pro, the X1 and i’ve also spent some time with the Treo Pro. For me, it’s a choice between the Omnia and the X1… yes – i’d take the X1 over the Touch Pro. Wo without realising it, I guess i’ve declared that the X1 is at least the new king of the keyboarded device tree, even if I am having trouble choosing between it and the Omnia for the overall crown!

I think the X1 will do well both here and over the pond and I am particularly interested to see how the additional brand kudos of Sony Ericsson helps drive sales in real retail channels (as I believe the Samsung name has helped shift a ton of Omnias). Having another big name on board the WinMo train is certainly a good thing.

Hats off then to Sony Ericsson (and HTC?), you’ve done a good job guys but PLEASE… don’t make such a hash of the controls for the X2…

Paul’s Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Pros and Cons

– Great specs
– Great screen
– Gorgeous slider
– Solid build quality
– Innovative panels
– Unusual notification LEDs
– Brand kudos
– Hateful dpad
– Slightly squidgy keys

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