First 3rd party app with SensorCore support arrives



SensorCore is a new Lumia Cyan feature which allows apps to gather motion data even when your phone is suspended, and is primarily being used for keeping track of activity, much like a pedometer or a Fitbit.

The feature is only available in Windows Phones with Lumia Cyan and the new generation of Snapdragon processors, which in effect means the Nokia Lumia 630 at present.

So far Bing Health was the only app to take advantage of this new feature, but Microsoft released an SDK yesterday for 3rd party developers, and developer Summit Data has already updated their Active Fitness app with support for the feature.

The app features:


  • Pedometer (for SensorCore devices)
  • Activity tracking, long battery life while tracking.
  • Share your runs and activities with your buddies, family and friends! Social network integration is fun.
  • Compete with your friends and people around the world with leaderboards for every activity and sport.
  • Works without connection and completely offline. Take it to that trip with you!
  • Beautiful user interface by the same team that designed Winter Ski & Ride app.
  • Training plans: stay organized and motivated while Active Fitness automatically tracks your progress
  • Speech and voice support: keep tracking of your runs while you run
  • NFC support, supports Tap-to-Friend, touch two Windows Phones to make friends with this app.

Download the free app from the Windows Phone Store here.

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