Firmware Update Check reaches version 5.5 with big improvements


20, 2015

Firmware Update Check is a must have app created by Pasqui industry, known to be the creator of CustomWpSystem and CustomPFD jailbreak tools and other apps.

As described within the Store and XDA forum, with this app you can monitor your phone updates to keep the device updated, with a simple interface and a configurable LiveTile.

The latest version (5.5) has the following changelog (from XDA forum):

  • Added in-app purchase to remove ads (after purchase you have to restart the application) [BETA]
  •  Interface renewed
  •  Ability to sort the list of options according to three phones
  •  Algorithm for the recognition of the device in automatic mode [BETA]
  •  New tutorial significantly simplified
  •  “Tips” replaced with intelligent alerts and interactive
  •  Support for new as the Lumia 640, XL 640, 540, 430
  •  Added new countries, such as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Libya, Senegal, Brunei, Laos, Mongolia, Bolivia, Iran
  •  Full support to the theme white
  •  Fix for LiveTile
  •  Shortcuts for a list of countries and the list of devices
  •  Translation rewritten and improved.
  •  Now you can easily translate the app
  •  Reduced weight of the app
  •  Code partially cleaned
  •  Small bugfix various

This app is available for free within the Store with in app purchase to remove ads.

Download Firmware Update Check here from the Windows Phone Store.

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