Firmware Over the Air cracked for XDA-Dev use


From our own internal sources we know Windows Mobile 6.5 is Firmware Over The Air ready, but we have also heard from others that, as usual, this feature will not be implemented once devices are released.

Of course we know one place where ROM updates are taken very seriously, and where a safe way to install  updates without having to re-install applications would be pretty attractive.

Da_G, major XDA-Dev contributor, has taken the time to figure out the rather complex implementation of the feature, and has successfully used it to install a new ROM without disturbing any user data.

To make the process more universally applicable some more work will need to be done, and updates will only be possible for devices that already have the right certificates, meaning its likely the first ROM will still have to be flashed the usual way, but if this feature gets widely adopted it may mean your favourite ROM cook will be able to push out updated software to your smartphone at any time, without the hassle usually associated with this.

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