Multitasking has now become a little easier for Firefox Nightly users with Picture-In-Picture mode now being enabled. Users can watch, resize and re-position videos on top of other application windows- no need to re-arrange your tabs into split screen mode anymore.

To use PiP, you just require the latest Firefox Nightly version on your Windows device.  Simply hover your mouse over the YouTube video and select the “Picture-in-Picture” option.  The movable video will then pop up in a mini window on the bottom right hand side.  From there, you can pause and play the video as normal, or choose the “un-PiP” button to reverse this action.

Despite displaying interest in Chrome PiP initially, Mozilla developed their version single-handedly.  Mozilla’s Mike Conley announced regarding the feature that they’re ” Using this as a starting point, putting the user in control first”,  and “we’ll see where we go from here”.

You can find download the latest version of Firefox Nightly here.

Source: techdows