Firefox will soon let you know if a website has been Pwned


17, 2019

Chrome isn’t the only browser to be receiving an updated password manager; in the Firefox 70 update, Mozilla is working on an all new Password Manager.

Firefox Lockwise is currently available as an add-on, but in an effort to improve browser security, we will soon see it as a built-in component.

In the event of a data breach from a site for which you have a saved login (e.g, which is regularly breached), this message will be displayed to the user:

“Passwords were leaked or stolen from this website since you last updated your login details” and alerts the user to change the password to protect his/her account. The learn more link takes the user to Firefox Monitor website in a new tab with breach details of the affected site.

The message should also make users a lot more conscious about sharing passwords between sites.

To enable Firefox Lockwise, just change the below about:config preference value to true:

Source: techdows

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