Firefox Mobile developer asking for help

Brad Lassey, the developer of my favourite up and coming alternate browser, is asking for a bit of advice regarding the Windows Mobile Emulator:

I want to run a debug build of fennec on my windows mobile emulator. I have been able to do this by “mounting” my object directory as a shared folder. Unfortunately I’m seeing IO errors which I’ve read could be due to the way the emulator maps in the “storage card.”

So now I’m trying to deploy fennec and xulrunner to the Program Files folder through visual studio. Unfortunately the emulator images provided by microsoft only have 10-20mb (depending on how you launch them) of free storage space, so the deploy fails.

I’m hoping some one out there has a work around. One option would be to edit the emulator configuration in some seemingly undocumented way. Another could be to download different images. Most actual consumer devices have more than enough internal storage (the HTC Touch Pro has 512Mb), and I seem to remember seeing device specific images at some point. Any help would be appreciated though.

I am sure amongst our very competent readership (remember 75% of us are supposed to be powerusers 😉 ) there is some-one who has solved this problem before. Please drop Brad a line and help us get another great desktop browser on Windows Mobile.

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