In the Firefox 68 update, you can look forward to improvements to themes, extensions and updates.

Dark Mode has now been made more consistent in Reader mode, with the windows, controls, sidebars and toolbars now also being included in the theme.  Firefox Stub installer has also had its design updated, bringing a new first run experience to users.

You can now access your Firefox Account Settings a bit quicker too, with the new Avatar button on the toolbar.

As part of Firefox’s Recommended Extensions Program; you can find Extensions handpicked by Mozilla under the Extensions and Themes section in about: addons.

The about: addons, or add-ons Manager, is now based on HTML. WebRender, now available for Firefox users on Windows 10 using AMD graphic cards.

Firefox now automatically resolve HTTPS errors caused by antivirus software, by burning on enterprise roots preference.  Camera and Microphone access now require HTTPS connection for this reason.

Developers can now view active workarounds -already applied by Mozilla- for specific websites broken in Firefox.

In this version, you can’t disable Firefox multi-process by changing a pref value in about:config.

If you run into any trouble with this update, it is now possible to report extensions and themes that cause performance and security issues to Mozilla.  You can find the Report option in the Extensions Menu on the Toolbar.  The option is also provided when you uninstall or remove an extension or theme.

Here are the Firefox 68 release notes:

  • Dark mode in reader view expands so that windows are also dark on the controls, sidebars and toolbars.

  • Improved extension security and discovery:

    • New reporting feature in about:addons allows you to report security and performance issues with extensions and themes.
    • Redesigned extensions dashboard in about:addons provides easy access to information about your extensions, including data and settings access required by each extension.
    • Find high quality, secure extensions via the Recommended Extensions program in about:addons, which now displays user count and ratings for each extension. “Recommended” badges for these extensions also appear on AMO. More extensions will be added over time.
  • Cryptomining and fingerprinting protections are added to strict content blocking settings in Privacy & Security preferences.

  • WebRender will roll out to Windows 10 users with AMD graphics cards.

  • Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) update download support, which allows Firefox update downloads to continue when Firefox is closed.

  • Access your Firefox Account settings from the hamburger menu

  • Added a Firefox shortcut in the Windows 10 taskbar for new installations

  • In addition to providing color contrast information for individual elements of a page, Firefox now offers a full page color contrast audit that identifies all element on a page that fail color contrast checks.


  • Unified existing locales (bn-BD, bn-IN) under a single Bengali (bn) localization.
  • The following unmaintained translations have been removed: Assamese (as), English – South Africa (en-ZA), Maithili (mai), Malayalam (ml), Odia (or). Existing users will be migrated to the British English (en-GB) version.
  • When an HTTPS error caused by antivirus software is detected, Firefox will attempt to automatically fix it
  • Camera and microphone access now require an HTTPS connection.
  • The way non-default preferences are synced has changed. Please see this support article for more details


  • Added about:compat, where website-specific workarounds are listed and may be toggled. These workarounds are meant as temporary fixes for various forms of website breakage for Firefox, while the website fixes them in due time. With about:compat, it is now easy to see all of the workarounds that are active in Firefox, and easy for website developers to disable a given workaround for testing purposes.