Firefox 65 gets more advanced privacy controls


27, 2018

Mozilla is working in changes to Firefox’s control centre as part of its initiative to make it easier to disable ad tracking.

Starting with Version 65, the control centre located in the URL bar will ditch the off/on toggle for a new mode that give users control over just how which of their data they give up with standard, strict and custom modes.

Standard mode is the default mode used by browsers, and attempt to strike a balance between the needs of the users and the website. In essence, some trackers will function, but not all.

Strict mode will block every tracker, much like the name implies, it’ll likely break some sites, but the balance here I strictly on the side of the consumer.

Custom mode is a little more nuanced; users can choose exactly what to block, either cookies, trackers, or both. As the name implies, users have the power under this model.

Firefox 65 is expected to be released in December as per Mozilla’s release calendar.

Via Techdows

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