Finnair Migrates From Google’s Solution To Microsoft Exchange Online Protection And Office 365


24, 2014

office-365-logoMicrosoft today highlighted their new Office 365 customer, Finnair. Finnair is the Finland’s largest airline and the fifth oldest airline in the world. They have now selected Office 365 as their productivity and communication experience for their employees after comparing it with Google Apps.

Finnair decided to unplug its expensive email and file-share servers and throw away its mix of document-sharing tools. In their place, it gave employees subscriptions to Microsoft Office 365.

“We ran a small pilot program of Google Docs, but Google doesn’t work well with Office, which all employees use, and its pricing model is not that great,” Hänninen says. “Microsoft had a far stronger federated enterprise solution, better support, a more convincing story around total cost and a more enterprise-ready, innovative solution.”

In addition to this, they switched from Postini to Exchange Online Protection (EOP), the Office 365 spam filtering technology, in just one day.

“The EOP interface is familiar and easy to use and the filtering is excellent. We get rock-solid protection with financially backed service-level agreements. And because it’s part of Office 365, it’s more cost-effective to manage.” Finnair is able to easily create targeted email filtering rules for different roles.

Over six years, Finnair expects Office 365 to be 15 percent less expensive than maintaining their own email servers.

Read more about it here.

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