FingerPrint Lockscreen: Scan Yourself Into The Future


22, 2010

Having a cool lock screen is something crucial in having a phone your comfortable with, and this lock screen is one of those I would call cool. This fingerprint lock screen has been featured on our site before, but this time it comes with a great video. The video done by 1800PPC, and is a great demo of what you will get if you install this on your device. It shows of how the lock screen handles your finger, and the settings.

I think this software is fairly cool, but it is a bit too plain. A simple lock screen should at least have a good notification area and other things that keep you informed, but this is still a beta software, so that is no big deal just yet.


  • A secure lockscreen executable which unlocks “only” to your touch
  • Ability to customize some of the applications components
  • Custom-Made TopBar Controls
    • New Item Icons: Icons for new SMS, E-Mail, Voice Mail, and Missed Calls
    • Clock-On-Top:A remake of the typical Windows Statusbar Clock. Simple and functional.
    • Battery Meter: A Percent-By-Percent updating battery meter.
    • Signal Meter: A 5-Bar Signal Meter getting updates efficiently and quickly
  • A Status-Text Area with the current action of the program is (Waiting, scanning, SUCCESS, or FAILURE)


  1. Download the file.
  2. Copy the file to your Touch-Screen device.
  3. Using a file-explorer, execute the CAB file to start the installation.
  4. Select to install to Phone Storage (Not Memory Card).
  5. When the installation says complete, you can run the program.

If this all interests you and you want to have a slightly more sleek and nerdy device, then download an install this right away.

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