Find flaws in Microsoft Azure and receive rewards from Microsoft

Microsoft wants more hackers participation in finding flaws in its flagship cloud service, Microsoft Azure. The software giant will reward anyone who hacks into Azure and finds flaws in the system. However, the company will take legal action if it finds any malicious attack in it. Needless to say, this move is a part of Microsoft’s strategy in pushing its Cloud business.

The concept isn’t new. White hackers participate in greate numbers in the finding flaws in Windows, Office and other successful products from Microsoft. And since Microsoft Azure is fairly popular and is currently second to Amazon, these hackers try to hack into it too, but as per Microsoft, the number isn’t impressive and it wants more and more people to join, which in turn will hasten the process of fixing those flaws in Azure.

Steve Dispensa, general manager, cloud and AI security at Microsoft, said, “The idea that we’re smarter than the attackers is a malignant myth – they know before we do where the weak spot is.”

“We publish data, we all learn, a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Via: Bloomberg