Finally, Pedometer software for HTC Touch Diamond/Pro/HD



After a very long wait, and having seen much more exotic G-sensor software developed, we finally have a Pedometer application for HTC’s latest Windows Mobile devices.

The author, lightsailpro, developed the software after a futile search himself.

The application features:

–It uses HTC Touch Diamond’s built in Accelerometer.
–Only .Net CF 2.0 is required (comes with Diamond).
–You can pause and reset the step counter.
–It displays steps, distance, calories and time duration.
–You can use the Hide button to save battery.
–You can set the step length and calories per mile value.
–You can save, delete and view the historical data.
–The historical data is stored in Microsoft SQLCe compact database.
–It can play the sound when the step is detected.
–It can sound an alarm when the set distance is reached.
–Tested with the US unlocked version of the Diamond and Sprint version of the Diamond. 

In testing the application, the step detection could do some work, but seems accurate enough on average. The author notes the application can only work accurately if your Diamond is held in the vertical position.

Read more and download the application from this xda-developer thread here.

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